Thursday, May 20, 2004

Almost to the colourwork

Last night I got a few more rows done. I'm getting closer and closer to the colourwork portion and I'm excited. I didn't get as much knitting done as I would have liked because I felt so incredibly awful. Sinus pain, pressure, I had it all. I finally figured I'd jump in the shower and see if washing possible pollen out of my hair would help. Of course, I didn't see any pollen in my hair but I figured there must be some there.

The shower didn't really help. My head hurt worse and I felt dizzy. I climbed into bed and forced myself to do a few more rows. It was not enjoyable knitting, so I decided maybe I should just put the sweater away. This is something I'm making for my child, so I wanted to make it lovingly.

After considering how I felt about keeping love in my stitches (corny, I know,) I felt better about knitting and made a few more stitches before putting the sweater down.

There's only about 3 more cm's left before I start the colourwork!


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