Friday, May 21, 2004

The Blanket

A few months ago I started knitting a blanket. I only worked on it occasionally. Originally, it was intended to be a baby blanket but then I changed my mind. Due to the nature of the pattern, changing it from a baby blanket to a full-sized blanket is not a problem.

The blanket is from Knitting for Baby, by Melanie Falick. I've seen the pattern elsewhere, however, including HERE, HERE, (diagonal knitted baby blanket) and HERE.

After reading many reviews from members at KR, I decided to make the blanket in Bernat Denim, as it would be inexpensive and fully washable. I can't say I'm as happy with this yarn as others seem to be but I'd use it again for a throw blanket, a scarf, or a hat. The funny thing is, whenever I've taken the project with me, people love it. They always want to touch it and it gets so many compliments.

I took the blanket back out today to get an idea of just how much work was left to finish it. Something about it is very endearing, in an odd sort of way. Maybe because it's my first REAL project. Lately I've been thinking of my sweater as my first project but in reality, it's probably just the first project I'm going to finish...

It's way too large to put on the scanner but I'll try to get a picture of it. It's huge and not particularly attractive but for some reason, I just love it. It reminds me of warmth, labor (as in working hard for your family,) and love.

It represents my desire to knit becoming a reality to me. (Sorry, didn't mean to get philosophical and deep.)


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