Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Knitting Needles

I need to get a few more circular needles or an interchangeable set. I'm really a bamboo kind of girl but I do like the Inox needles that I'm using for my sweater. I've been debating about the interchangeable sets and have heard pros and cons about several.

I love the idea of the portability and of an interchangeable set but I also like the idea of just having the specific needles sizes for whatever I need in a regular needle. I have found that the Inox are faster for me than bamboo but it's not the same calming feeling as with the bamboo.

Decisions, decisions...

Funny thing is, I took one of those tests at quizilla a while back. I know it really doesn't mean anything but it was interesting. It came with results of interchangeable. I took it again today, just for kicks and I came out as bamboo.

Wonder what I answered differently than the last time.

I've removed the picture and link because it made the page go beserk.


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