Friday, May 14, 2004

My first day in the blogging world

I am Kimberly.

I knit, I write, and I like to take pictures.
Hopefully, I can figure out how to get pictures posted along with helpful and interesting links.

The entries to this blog will pertain to knitting, writing, or taking pictures, with the occasional life observation thrown in.

A little about me:
I'm married and I have one wonderful child.

I'm a new knitter. I've been knitting about five months now. I love it. I dabble in crocheting but I'm more fond of knitting. I'm taking a sweater knitting class right now. It's not quite what I expected but I'm enjoying being with other knitters.

I love taking pictures but I'm not a professional by any stretch of the imagination. I think I just like the idea of capturing a moment that I know will never come again.

I like to think of myself as a writer. I used to write poetry, almost constantly, but I haven't written a poem in quite some time. My hubby urges me to begin writing again and to submit my work for publication. I have a few articles I have started but they are not yet ready for submission.

I love different languages. I started learning both Spanish and French but I am fluent in neither.

Hopefully, this will be a journal of sorts to chronicle my progress as a knitter with a little of my other interests and adventures thrown in.


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