Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Pictures, I hope

This is my first attempt at posting pictures, so it could be interesting.
These pictures are from a scanner, with the object placed on the scanner quickly, not arranged in a particularly flattering way, as I learned too late but don't plan to scan again until I've made further progress.

The above picture is the beginning of my sweater for my class. It has lots of cables, which are being done with no cable needle. This is my first experience knitting in the round, doing cables with no cable needle, or making cables AT ALL. It is being worked on Inox needles, US size 3. Surprisingly, I don't mind the small size of the needle. (This means socks are definitely in my future.)

Do you see the error in the cables close to the right edge? I AM NOT frogging back to it. I refuse. I need to finish a project or I'll ago loony! Plus, this is my learning sweater and the class I'm taking is so unstructured that I'm afraid that if I don't move through this project fast enough, I won't be able to ask questions to learn anything new!

The aforementioned class is in making sweaters, with colourwork, in the round. You choose a project, and then ask questions. There's no designated "instruction period." Therefore, I need to continue in order to make sure I get to different phases of the project or else I fear I will not have the benefit of doing this project with much help, which is the very reason I took the class, to learn!

The above picture is the square, unblocked, for the the Healthful Throw for Georgia. It is, unfortunately, too large. It was knit in a seed/moss stitch with another pattern thrown in for variety. (The picture does not do it justice.) I don't think I can shrink it to the proper size of 8x8, even if I really try hard. I shall be making another.


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