Friday, May 21, 2004

The Sweater

I got a few more rows of the sweater done last night. I still felt awful, but knitting was more enjoyable than Wednesday night's knitting. The sweater is wonderfully soft. My son looked at it last night, as I was knitting, and asked again about it being his sweater. I held it up to him as if he were wearing it. He smiled from ear to ear. He loves to touch it and is so proud of it. Sometimes he'll sit in my lap and hold the needles with me. I don't know who is more excited about this garment, me or him!

When I held it up to him, it was more than ample enough in width. Lengthwise, it covered almost 3/4 of his little back. Since right now, it's approximately 9 in/23 cm long, I'm hoping it wont hang on him like a dress. I'm not supposed to start the color pattern until I get to 25 cm. I had debated about making it a little longer, so he'd be able to wear it longer, but now I'm not so sure. I'm going to have to do a little more research on the yarn to see about shrinkage. I did not keep my swatch. I frogged it to be able to use the yarn. Therefore, I can't just wash the swatch and note differences. Might have to swatch again so I can wash it.

The yarn is Mandarin Petite. My son cannot wear wool, so I went with a mercerized cotton. You can find the yarn at Bea Ellis Knitwear but not many other places. I bought mine from my class instructor. My only complaint is it splits very easily.

Here's another progress scan. Again, it's hard to lay the garment parallel to the yardstick when the garment has more than one side and you can't see the side which is next to the scanner. I know; I know. I really need to just get my digital camera in working order.

If I'm brave enough, I'll start the colourwork this weekend. If not, I'll wait for class or start on the sleeves. I also have to reknit a square for the Healthful Throw so I can get that mailed.

Wish I felt better.


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