Sunday, May 23, 2004


I am now the proud owner of Learn How Book, No. 170-B, published in 1959 by Coats and Clark. It has knitting, crocheting, tatting, and embroidery in it.

In the knitting section, I want to try the sock pattern and the hat. The cabled sweater is pretty, but it's for older boys and girls. There's a possibility of me trying the twin set but it's not especially appealing.

In the crocheting section, I want to try the placemat, the afghan, and I want to learn the knot stitch.

I'm not a tatter or an embroiderer at this point (is embroiderer a word?,) but I'll probably read through all the information since both crafts interest me.

My husband's aunt gave this lovely book to me. I've been telling her about my knitting and crocheting and she told me she had a book for me. When I went by to show her the progress on my sweater, she gave it to me.

The book is in great condition and looks almost new.

Thank you to a wonderful lady!

I've always liked the idea of making something from the older patterns.


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