Saturday, June 05, 2004

20 down, still at least 100 to go

Between knitting at lunch, on breaks, and before bed, I got 20 rows done yesterday on the blanket. Because it is knit diagonally, each row at this point has one less stitch than the last. I'm not sure when it will be finished but it will absolutely, positively be before the end of this month, maybe even within a week!

Hubby told me it looked good. I'm just excited to be almost done with it!

Going to try to work on the sweater in the next few days. I've been neglecting it. It's the fact that I still haven't quite figured out a good way to hold both yarns and I need stress free knitting right now.

My body is still not cooperating with me. Hopefully, this doctor's appointment on Tuesday will shed some light on things.

I want to take something small with me to the doctor's office to knit, rather than a sweater and a blanket which are both now a little large for the waiting room, so I'm going to decide whether or not I'm starting the booties, hat, angel, or diving into a shawl.

I've also still got sock yarn waiting. I wonder if I have enough of it for a pair. I'm going to have to check the dye lot and see if there is more at the LYS, just in case. Whatever project I do next, it's looking like the double pointed needles are almost guaranteed to be a requirement. I'm just a wee bit excited about the entire idea.


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