Saturday, June 12, 2004

So Free

I frogged the hat. I was almost done with it, just finishing the last stitches before seaming it. It looked strange, like there was no way it could really be right. I must have done something crazy while entertaining the baby, talking on the phone, talking to hubby, or fighting sleep.

I'm going to remake it, just not in Mission Falls. It was frustrating to knit with it. I'm still undecided as to whether it would have been better on metal needles.

As the hat was drawing near completion, I was feeling a sense of relief. Finally, I was going to be done.

I was so excited because:
1. There would be another finished object to add to my list.
2. It would mean I learned a good lesson in short rows.
3. I'd be able to wash the Mission Falls to see how it performed, if it softened, if it shrunk.
4. I'd know if I liked the hat pattern I was using.
5. I'd be done with the Mission Falls.

Frogging the hat was incredibly and ironically liberating. I honestly thought that pulling a project completely apart would be discouraging, even heart breaking. This experience, however, made me feel as if I'd been let out of a cage.

I am truly no longer afraid to frog!


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