Wednesday, June 09, 2004

We met again

We had class again last night. I loved being among people with similar interests. We looked at new yarns, talked about traveling abroad, different customs in different countries, and had a lovely evening. One of the other students, who is so very sweet, made a Mexican Wedding cake and brought it in for us to enjoy.

The end is near. Only one more class session left.

When and how am I going to find other knitters to have this time to share?

There is also the issue of finishing the sweater I have started. I watched a streaming video of fair isle work but I really don't want to weave. I want to float. I just can't seem to get the hang of having two yarns in one hand and switching from one yarn to the other with every 2 stitches is tedious.

I'm not abandoning my sweater. My child wants this sweater and is waiting for it. He asks about it and loves to watch me knitting it. I'm so frustrated and disappointed. I really haven't learned anything in this class except how to weave in ends.

It's a nice setting for camaraderie and pleasantries. It just didn't suffice for me as a class. I'm really going to miss a few of the ladies but it's just not the best format for me.

I feel so guilty for not being happy about my class. Everyone else seems to love it.


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