Friday, July 16, 2004

Got the pain, looking for the gain

The pain is continuing, so not much is being accomplished right now, knitting or otherwise.
I've done more reading about knitting than I have actual knitting in these last few days.  At night, if I wake up, for whatever reason, or if I'm having trouble sleeping, I've been watching EZ's Knitting Workshop.  I've also found a few other blogs which I'll probably try to read on a regular basis.
I found a pattern in the FC Easy Knitting for a tie that I want to make for my husband.  It looked pretty simple to make and seemed aesthetically appealing.   There were other items that seemed worth knitting but this one called to me, telling me it would be quick to knit, a nice gift, and a portable project.  I sweetly answered the call and said, "Let me check my stash."
I've decided that I really do need to knit something personal for myself.  I think I need a little boost and that would help me feel better about my current situation.  I can't take my physical pain away but I can give myself a little treat.
I'm still planning to attend the Knit-Out in DC.  I was reading an article in FCEK that mentioned Got Yarn in Richmond, VA.  The article said there was an annual Knit-Out in Richmond of which Got Yarn was affiliated.  I'm wondering if it was a misprint and they were actually referring to the Knit-Out in DC.  If there's one in Richmond, I want to go to that one too. 
  I'm going to have to do a little research on this.

In the meantime, I'm going to take my medicince and try to get some rest.  I feel awful.

Thank you to all who have sent me kind wishes!


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