Wednesday, July 21, 2004

My Rug Knit-Along Progress, WIP's and WIF's/WIM's

I'll be swatching with a new yarn for my rug.  I decided to try the Sugar and Cream doubled up.  It's for a bathroom rug, so a cotton washable seems the right way to go.  Since we'll be stepping all over it and getting it wet, I like the idea of a pure cotton, rather than a blend.

The other yarn was not quite right for the rug.  We'll see how this yarn does.

Meanwhile, I had a 1/2 off coupon for Joann's.   I was planning to pick up a knitting book with it but I've lost it.  I had it this afternoon but this evening, it disappered.  I'm wondering if it fell out of my purse.

I'm so tired of losing things.

The DB hat is coming along nicely.  I'm at the point now where I start the decreasing.  Hopefully, I will follow through with seaming it.   I've got the bug to knit baby things now.  Good thing I know some pregnant people and that I know of charities.

I also joined the Einstein Coat Knit-Along.  I think I'm going to do a Baby Einstein.   All things considered, I probably shouldn't try any project that is really large and heavy.  Once I'm stronger, I'll consider making the larger version.

I found some Paton's Grace for a gift I want to make.  It's sort of a surprise, so I hope the recipient will like it.

Trust me when I tell you that the actual color is navy.

I have one ball of Eros I'm planning to use to make a belt to tie around a dress.  I could change my mind and make it into a scarf or use it with another yarn. 

The Eros is actually lighter than the picture indicates.  The gold is more subtle and the tan is more beige.

The Rowan lover in me is suffering, so I really need to try to do something from my Summer Tweed book.  I already have the yarn, the needles, and the book.  I guess I've still just been to afraid to knit something that I'm going to wear. 

I've definitey got enough patterns to keep me busy for a while...but I like it that way.


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