Thursday, September 02, 2004

A day in the life

Since Blogger and Photobucket still aren't playing nicely together, there will be no pictures today. Hopefully they'll work this out so I can try to post some pictures for tomorrow.

I finally found the pattern for the Fisherman's Hat. It's in the Knitter's Almanac and it's the Maltese Fisherman's Hat. Oddly, in the video for Knitting Workshop, the hat is shown with a button that fastens either under the chin while using the ear flaps or at the top of your head when earflaps are not in use. The pattern in the book does not include a button hole, so as a new knitter, who has never done a button hole, or sewn a button onto a knitted fabric, I'll be doing some research.

While flipping through Knitter's Almanac, I noticed a few more things I'd like to knit. It also reminded me of the desire to knit a shawl and to design my own little seamless sweater. Some day I'll do both things.

I still wonder why her (Elizabeth Zimmerman's) books don't have more color pictures. I can understand it would increase the price of books but I passed her books by for quite some time because I couldn't really tell whether I wanted to make the items the book contained. Seems like you'd get a better idea of how the projects really look in the case of items which are not worn by a model/person.

Since I have no intention of knitting Klaralund on the Balene needles, I figured swatching with them really didn't make any sense. I finally pulled the bamboo circulars in size 8 and have been riding around with them in the car. I have not had a chance to try to knit swatch as we are still preparing for preschool. Preparing for preschool has not been an easy task.

Speaking of preschool, I think my son is going to do alright. I took him to check out the school today and to meet his teacher. He did surprisingly well. I think he liked the idea of the new adventures with toys he'd never used.

They are supposed to bring a blanket for naptime, so I'm going to put the blanket I knit earlier this year in his book bag. They don't want the kids to bring thick blankets as there isn't a lot of room for storage and they think the kids will get too warm. I'm wondering, though, if his poor little blanket will get dragged, damaged, and experience little feet stomping apon it. I may have to rethink sending this blanket.

Finally, I've picked the yarn from my stash for the crocheted blanket and hat. Now I have to pick a time to start them.

I got another knitting catalog today. It's the Herrschner's Yarn Shoppe catalog as opposed to the general catalog. A few days ago I got a knitting-related offer in the mail from a company with which I have never done business. I'm wondering who is sharing my name and if they are getting a kick-back for sharing it.

Still having problems with pain. Still frustrated. Still trying to remain positive and have faith that the frustration and pain are only temporary.


Blogger Maureen said...

Hopefully the picture situation will work itself out soon. I also received that Yarn shoppe catalog... I think I could order three things from every page! Ahh... Lovely to think about! Good luck with all your projects and feel better soon!

September 3, 2004 at 6:13 PM  
Blogger Nasheikah said...

Hi kimberly , thank youfor your kind words ..
It's not that bad , i just expected perfection ...foolish me , nothing is perfect ....

September 3, 2004 at 7:49 PM  
Blogger Maureen said...

Do you like the Balene needles. Someone said they are good for lace work. Hope you have a safe and happy Labor Day.

September 4, 2004 at 4:52 PM  

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