Wednesday, September 01, 2004

It's only September

Believe it or not, my JCPenney Christmas Catalog arrived today! Guess it's time to start thinking about my Christmas list, my Christmas projects, and my Christmas budget.

We had our pre-school interview for my son today. I think I really like the school where we're planning to send him. I'm hoping he'll like it too.

We got our list of school supplies, so I've got quite a bit of shopping to do to get him ready.l Fortunately, at his age, clothes only have to be comfortable. I thought there may be uniforms and I was concerned about being able to get them in time. I have nothing against uniforms, unless they are horribly ugly.

The interview was two hours long but very informative. The Principal was very friendly, very positive, and seemed very involved.

Hopefully my son will like it.


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