Monday, September 06, 2004

Knitting Along


I started the back...errr, I mean swatching for Klaralund yesterday. We were driving out to Richmond and I figured this would be a good opportunity for knitting. I made an error, which I caught early. I decided to frog but when I did, the yarn broke!

I should not have been shocked but I was. I gasped and my 3-year old son asked me in an alarmed voice, "What happened, Mommy? What happened?"

I assured him everything was okay and that Mommy's yarn had just broken.

Everything, however, was not okay. I also found a weird place farther down in the yarn that has some weird blob that is totally inconsistent with the rest of the yarn. Hopefully this is just a bad skein.

Hopefully I'll get the chance to knit a little bit on Klaralund tomorrow.

The DNA-Along began yesterday. I was ill-prepared. I am prepared now, however. At least I believe I am. I'm going to use Paton's Grace in a beige, taupe-like color. With a little luck, I'll be starting that tomorrow.

Since we were going to Richmond, I had hoped to get to Got Yarn. Unfortunately, they were closed. Fortunately, I did check before we left. I didn't want to venture too far off of the path we had planned, so I decided not to try to visit any other yarn shops on this particular outing.

Instead, I did drop into one of Richmond's Ben Franklin Shops. They had Trendsetter and Patons yarns. What they did not have was good service. I'm not sure why I expected good service but I did. They definitely lost money with their inability to provide quality service. Maybe that's not a part of their standards.

We did stop at Knitting Sisters for a short visit. I picked up a shawl pattern, another skein of Cotton Tape, a few small items. They were quite busy but friendly, as usual!

In any event, I have been tremendously busy trying to prepare for my son's first week of Pre-School. That has kept me from knitting, posting, or pretty much anything else I would normally be doing.

I'll work hard at achieving more this week.


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