Sunday, October 31, 2004


Since I'm trying to get my life in order, I must also get my knitting into order.

I've gone back to my spreadsheet and started updating the books and needles I own. I also thought it was high time I did an evalauation, an assessment, I suppose, of my current knitting projects.
  1. Fair Isle Sweater---UFO-ish, considering frogging to start over.
  2. FCEK Tie---UFO-ish, considering frogging to start over.
  3. DB Shoes/Booties---UFO, not quite sure why I stopped knitting them.
  4. Klaralund---WIP, still debating if I'm knitting the right size.
  5. Purse Slippers---Behind in KAL--haven't started these but supposedly they knit up quickly.
  6. DNA Scarf---Way Behind in KAL--supplies are waiting but I haven't found the time to start this project. I'm feeling ashamed.
  7. Baby Hats---yarn is waiting. Will probably start knitting and crocheting these within the next two days.
  8. Baby Blanket---Frogged, will start again after more crocheting practice.

I really wish I was a faster knitter. I haven't crocheted in a while so I can understand that not going as fast just yet.

I enjoy the knitting process but since I find so little time to actually knit, getting things done takes so much time. I guess I need to find more time to knit. The fifteen minutes is just not going to get a lot done.

Between fatigue, pain, work, household and family responsibilities, I'm really going to have to be creative about finding this time.

Finding some energy couldn't hurt either.

Got a little more done on my Klaralund sleeve. I'll post a picture on Monday just to show the pretty color progression.

Until then, I'm working on feeling better.


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