Sunday, February 27, 2005

Inspired by RosebyAny and a Tag that I forgot to post

Amie posted this item on February 25. Thought I'd do it for the heck of it.

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don't search around for the coolest book you can find. Do what is actually next to you.

Keep fava beans out of the child's diet if they cause a reaction.

(From Your Child: A Medical Guide, by the Editors of Consumer Guide ­­® with Ira J. Chasanoff, M.D.)

What's yours?

The TV Tag post is at the 02/15/05, since that is when I originally answered the post but hit the wrong button.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Taking My Time

I have turned the heel successfully on my sock. I'm now about to pick-up stitches to knit the foot portion. It has been going surprisingly well, whenever I find time to knit.

I went to my knitting meeting this week. When I first arrived, I thought the meeting had been canceled because I didn't see yarn, needles, or anyone knitting at all. I walked through the store and finally saw one person, AZ, knitting something in purple. Relieved that there would indeed be someone there to discuss yarns, techniques, stitches, and patterns, I happily greeted her, then sat down for a little knitting.

EA had been delayed and showed up a little later. She was almost finished knitting a beautiful Lopi sweater, in various shades of green, which she wanted to wear the next day. I left my camera at home, or I would have taken a picture. She got me to thinking that I could probably knit my son's sweater without any cutting at all. I'm liking that idea. She said she'd bring her Lopi book with her for the next meeting, so I'll be reading up on adding in my sleeves from the Lopi book and my EZ books.

We had one gentleman and his daughter to join us after that. He said that 3 out of 4 persons in his household knit. He's working on a baby hat in green and white variegated yarn.

As a group, we've chosen the first week in each month for charity knitting. EA has coordinated donating items for Project Linus and we're also trying to get better acquainted with the local hospital for hats for preemies. Doing this as a group seems to me like we'll get more accomplished rather than one person feverishly trying to knit/crochet/sew enough items to make a difference.

Once I get out my first mailing for our family reunion, I'll have a little more time for knitting and crocheting.

Until then, I'm only working on my socks or Project Linus items.

After getting in my cold car at the end of the work day, I wished I had already made a shawl. My coat was too bulky to wear while driving and it seemed to take the car a little longer to heat yesterday. Still, life is stressful enough. I don't need stress with knitting or crocheting. I'll add things when I can, if and only if I feel like doing them.

Tonight, it's still reunion work.

Once the sock has a little more "body" to it, I'll post a picture. Right now, I'm not sure it's worth the space in my photo host.

Hoping there will be a little knitting time tomorrow.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Knitty Gritty Tonight

Knitty Gritty comes on tonight at 10:30. The guest today is Marnie MacLean.

The episode is called I Luv the 80's. They are featuring an off-the-shoulder top and legwarmers.

As a fan of Marnie MacLean's patterns, I'm looking forward to this episode.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

New Magazines, Groups, and Lists

Yesterday I received my new IK. I flipped through it but for the life of me I can't remember what's in it. As a relatively new knitter, I'm usually excited to get a new knitting magazine. I guess that's changing.

My Knitter's magazine arrived today. Nothing jumped out at me. The only pattern that appealed to me was "Coconut Grove" which was a simple pattern repeat. I think I just like shawls, stoles and lace, which which would explain it's appeal.

Cast-On arrived a while back. I think this will be my last issue. I don't plan to renew. TKGA, which I joined last year, was not what I thought it would be. I'm not saying it's a bad organization, just that I'm looking for something different than they are offering.

I've also noticed that fewer and fewer topics from groups and lists are of interest to me. I still love knitting and I'm learning more by trying new things. I just find a lot of lists and groups are frequently filled with fluff.

I know I've contributed my share of fluff in the past. I think I was just excited to finally learn to knit after years and years of wanting to learn. When you are self-taught, with little knitting or crocheting interaction except that which comes from the internet, it's easy to become a little overzealous.

I'm also always wanting to encourage others. More and more, though, I feel cynicism growing. Because of this, I'm questioning my membership to a few groups. I'm already posting less, even in groups I like.

I think this new attitude will prove to be both good and bad for me. I'll probably withdraw my membership from a few groups. I'll spend less on books and magazines. The aforementioned activities will probably be wonderful for me. I'll probably lose out, however, on some of the excitement and camaraderie.

I guess it's a chance I'll have to take.

On the knitting front, the sock is going well. I ended up ripping it out again because I was dissatisfied and I'm currently knitting the heel. It may take longer to knit this than it would for someone else but I'm on no deadline here. I'm trying to pay close attention to the details so that when I learn another heel, toe, or technique, I can deduce a preference according to ease of wear and/or ease of knitting.

Between work, a sick child, errands, family interaction, and general household tasks, I having to try hard to make time for knitting. I am finding I feel better if I make the time for it, even if it's only a small amount of time.

My Knitting Guild is meeting soon. Usually enjoyable, this is an event I do not want to miss. The age range is higher than the other Stitching gatherings I attend but I enjoy the Guild more. Hopefully, I'll feel the same way after the next meeting.

Thank you all who have made supportive comments about my sock.

TV Tag

TV Tag

1. How much space is left on your TiVo or Comcast box?
Don't use either.

2. Have you ever bought a DVD of a TV series, and if so, which one?
For a friend, I bought DVD's of the show "Friends" as she is an avid fan.

3. What was the last TV show you watched before reading this message?
My Super Sweet Sixteen--don't even ask...

4. List 5 (five) TV shows you won't miss.
I'm not fond of any particular shows to the point where I won't miss them!
I do like HGTV, TLC, and A&E.

5. Name three people to whom you will pass the baton.
I think this has probably circulated like crazy since I missed posting it by hitting the "save as draft" button instead of "Publish Post," so I'm not going to pass the baton this time.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

The Sock Saga

I started the sock as planned. I knit the mini cuff and then went to bed. I even tried it on to make sure it would fit my ankle. I was pleased that it had a nice fit.

Since I thought I'd get in a little knitting time at lunch, I loaded the project and all the notions into the car. I made the mistake, while in a hurry, of putting the sock into my purse so I would not have to take another bag into the office. Upon unzipping my purse, I yanked one needle completely out of the sock and dropped more stitches than I cared to pick-up.

I restarted the sock last night. My son needed something, so I gingerly put the project down, hoping not to upset any of the needles.

When I resumed the project, I noticed a knot in the yarn, created by me, so I frogged again.

For the third time, I cast-on for the sock, late at night. I should have known it was too late and I was too tired because I actually had trouble casting-on! I did manage to cast-on the required stitches, then proceeded to knit a few rows. When I could barely keep my eyes open, I noticed a strange area at the beginning of my cast-on that looked like hole. I probably could have fixed this with the weaving in of the ends but I didn't want to chance it.

I will attempt to start this scok again tonight. Hopefully, I'll get to do it before I'm too tired to do it properly.

I'd like to thank Michelle and Bliss for the encouragement. I really think I'm going to like sock knitting.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The first sock

I've pulled the yarn, the needles, the pattern, and the stitch markers. The socks/footies are just waiting to be knit.

I was planning to take them to my Knitting Meeting but ended up working on my family reunion responsibilities instead.

My first pair of socks will be white. I'm going to knit them in Cascade Fixation. I'm going to attempt the Florida Socks by Lynn H.

I figured without the cuff, they'd go pretty fast. Also, they'll use less yarn, which I think is a good thing for this first attempt. Seems like the soxk basics will all be there, as a cuff would be pretty much just knitting a tube, which, depending on the pattern, may have a design/cable/colorwork chart.

I'm guessing I should be okay. Nothing about it sounds terribly complicated. Of course, I haven't cast-on yet.

If all goes well with this sock, I'll try the Broadripple Sock by Rob Matyska. I've been wanting to make this sock for quite a while but had talked myself out of knitting socks. After I knit my first hat, I thought that hats would always be my travel project of choice. Now, I'm liking the idea of socks more and more.

I'm still itching for the lace knitting. I promised the ladies at work I would take the alpaca yarn to the office, along with the chosen pattern so they could see what I plan to make next.

I'm being fruitful. Really, I am. The fruit just hasn't been of the knitted or crocheted kind.

I am, however, casting on for the socks tonight. Hubby is even encouraging it...probably because of the stressed look on my face.

I'll post a picture soon...if the attempt is not too horrendous.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Fruitful February

I was posting in a knitting/crocheting group recently and mentioned I had gotten very little knitted or crocheted during the month of January. I then posted that I hoped February would be more fruitful.

My theme, for the month, as indicated in the title, is "Fruitful February."

I'm trying to get some things accomplished this month, not just craft-wise, but in all aspects of my life.

I've been rather introspective, as I frequently am. I would love to say it could also be "Fearless February," but I'm taking this thing one step at a time.

I'm happily and patiently awaiting the arrival of Rowan 37. I've read somewhere that there has been a delay. Did Rowan send me an e-mail? I've been remiss in checking my e-mail, so I can't say for sure, but I doubt it.

I went to the Rowan site to preview the issue. I'm hoping for good articles and information in this issue. As far at the pattern preview is concerned, I really liked Butterfly, which would definitely have to be worn under clothes or "behind closed doors." I also really like Gem but I'm a little baffled by the high collar with NO sleeves. (This feature on garments has always puzzled me.) I also think Elspeth would be cute with a different tie on it.

Sadly, I do miss the designs of Kim Hargreaves. I didn't like everything she designed, of course, but most of what I liked was designed by her. Unfortunately, her site is still under construction, although the sign at the site says, "Nearly there!"

I'm planning to peak through my knitting books again. I want to learn a few more cast-on methods and hopefully how to just make my own pattern. Seems like once you've got the basics down, you know a little bit about garment construction, it would be a matter of combining this with a little math.

We'll see...

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


***Warning, this is knitting related but also political. If you steer clear of all politics, you will probably want to skip this entry.

I have joined the PIP-Along. PIP stands for "Peace is Patriotic." There is a lovely button in my sidebar which will eventually link to the PIP site.

Showing support for our troops, no matter our opinion of their placement, is important. I know most of us, if not all of us, know someone who is stationed on hostile ground. Those soldiers are following orders to protect freedom. It is not the decision of the soldiers as to where they'll be or what they'll do.

I have not chosen what to knit yet. I'm hoping to pick up some yellow yarn this week. I've considered knitting items to send to the troops but I'm not really sure what to send. My guess is they would need other items more than something I would knit but I need to research that further. Cindy, of Crochet Chronicles, has posted some charities at the PIP site. I have found there are a few here locally, so I need to choose one.

If you care to join, Marnie has her address at the top of the side bar at PIP.