Tuesday, February 01, 2005


***Warning, this is knitting related but also political. If you steer clear of all politics, you will probably want to skip this entry.

I have joined the PIP-Along. PIP stands for "Peace is Patriotic." There is a lovely button in my sidebar which will eventually link to the PIP site.

Showing support for our troops, no matter our opinion of their placement, is important. I know most of us, if not all of us, know someone who is stationed on hostile ground. Those soldiers are following orders to protect freedom. It is not the decision of the soldiers as to where they'll be or what they'll do.

I have not chosen what to knit yet. I'm hoping to pick up some yellow yarn this week. I've considered knitting items to send to the troops but I'm not really sure what to send. My guess is they would need other items more than something I would knit but I need to research that further. Cindy, of Crochet Chronicles, has posted some charities at the PIP site. I have found there are a few here locally, so I need to choose one.

If you care to join, Marnie has her address at the top of the side bar at PIP.


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