Friday, April 08, 2005

Blogger Ate My Post...Again

I wrote an entry yesterday evening. It was mostly about the new Spring/Summer edition of Knitty. I'd still like to mention I enjoyed Techniques with Theresa. She even ripped out a neckline in order to be able to properly illustrate for Knitty readers. I did like a few patterns and was pleased to see they offered a pattern W, which had sizes for up to a 40" chest. Other than that, let's just leave any other comments about the current issue lost.

Since at least one person in my family seems to have been sick almost every day in the month of March, it was hard to do anything. I miss my knitting and crocheting terribly.

I missed my knitting meeting again this week. The extra hours had me worn out and my back didn't feel like it could take the sitting in the B&N chairs.

In positive craft related news, I picked up a new magazine and learned a new decreases. I did have high hopes of making it to Knitting Sisters tomorrow. Unfortunately, my schedule is booked solid for the weekend, so I will not make it there.

Tomorrow, I'm repacking my knitting/crocheting bags with small portable projects. I'm hoping to catch a few crafting moments, even if it's just a few a day.

I'm also trying to meet up with my cousin who crochets soon to compare notes and get a little advice.

Thanks again to Lu, Maureen, and Michelle for your encouragement. I'm hoping to get back to some relaxing stitches, complicated stitches, or even just monotonous stitches in the very near future.

What I really need is a vacation. I'd like to get a way and just read, knit, crochet, write, and sleep. I think I'll start planning this vacation now. I may never get to take it but at least planning it means there is hope.


Blogger Karen said...

Boy, have I been in your shoes! Sometimes you just can't knit or crochet and it's like wanting a glass of water and not being able to get it! The time will come :)

April 11, 2005 at 6:58 PM  
Blogger Maureen said...

You're doing fine! I am interested in the new decrease method you have learned! Hopefully everyone is feeling better these days now that spring seems like it is hanging around! Enjoy your week!

April 19, 2005 at 9:38 AM  

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