Tuesday, October 18, 2005

This, That, and the Other

Just a little bit of info since I'm feeling yucky:

I've cast-on for my baby booties several times. Each time they look too tiny. The piece is so small it's hard to really get an accurate read on gauge. I'm going to pull it apart once more but restart on size 4 needles.

I'm planning a Pismo hat for hubby, as soon as I can get down to the LYS for the brown and black Stork yarn.

Still debating about socks and shawls. I'm thinking the socks are going to win right now because I probably don't need to have too many large projects back-to-back.

I've been debating about other things but at my son's insistence, I've cast-on a blanket for him. I had not finished charting the blanket I wanted to make for him. Since I like making blankets anyway, I figured I'll just make him another one, a larger one, after this one is done. The current one is dark green, as he requested, in the basket weave stitch.

Going for another medical test tomorrow. I've been taking my knitting to my appointments and one of the nurses has been complimenting me on my projects. She's also commented that every time she sees me I'm working on something new. Of course, I've only seen her about three times.

A few folks have work have started becoming interested my knitting. One of them had never seen a project being cast-on before. Since my son's blanket is a mossy green, she actually thought I was wrestling a snake when I held it up to assess the how much yarn was left for my long-tail cast-on. She said she had no idea that knitting started out that way.

Going to miss the Knit-Out again this year due to the wedding of a relative.

Visited a new LYS and was sorely disappointed.

Going to miss my knitting meetings tomorrow...

Still, I'm knitting happily, whenever I get the chance.


Blogger Mrs.Curvy said...

Hope your Appt. goes well. I've never knitted botties before. So I can't wait to see your in the making!

October 19, 2005 at 12:50 AM  

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