Sunday, April 23, 2006

Knittapalooza - A Brief Description

Knittapalooza 2006

I enjoyed Knittapalooza 2006 so much that I've already signed up for Knittapalooza 2007!

The event took place Thursday, March 30 thru Sunday, April 2.

I arrived on Thursday in time to register (pick up nametag and information packet) and attend the Meet and Greet session. It was very informal and we all just mingled a little with one another and familiarized ourselves with the set-up and schedule of events.

Each morning afterward, Friday thru Sunday, we had breakfast together in the hotel where information about the day's events were presented, a fashion show took place, and door prizes were given.

After breakfast, I usually went to peruse the "store" that had been set up in one of the meeting rooms of the hotel. There were wonderful items on display including items shown in the fashion show and examples of the finished products of different patterns that were available for purchase.

I was fortunate enough to take a class with each of the guest instructors but wish I had taken Linda Johnson's class which included a segment on steeking. She is very helpful on the KR forums and even more personable when you meet her.

Class sessions were three hours long. The guest instructors were Edie Eckman, Lucy Neatby, and Lynn Worley. I took a class with each of them.

Some of the classes were quite intense. I hadn't had enough sleep so a few things, especially with double knitting, will have to be practiced at home. When I was double knitting with two colors in class, my hands just refused to cooperate, whether I tried it with one color in each hand or with two colors in one hand. I do love the idea of the double-sided fabric so one of my purchases was Lucy Neatby's Cape Spear Blanket pattern.

Because so many of us looked forward to the event/trip for a little shopping as well as classes, we were very happy when the owner, Bobbie Reich, opened the store on Sunday afternoon for a few hours for us to shop. I picked up a few more patterns and a little yarn there too.

I'm looking forward to next year. You can get information HERE and HERE!!!

I'm knitting an item from I pattern I purchased at Knittapalooza now. More on that next time.

Since Knittapalooza took place the same time as my son's Little League activities, there are very few Knittapalooza pictures. I thought I had taken pictures but I guess I was just too tired.

***The keychain is actually a tapemeasure/keychain.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Back from Knittapalooza

I'm back from Knittapalooza!

We had a great time.

Details to come...