Monday, September 04, 2006

Caps and Dishcloths

I finished the basketweave dischcloth and have started on Yvonne's Double Flower Dishcloth since my mom said that she would like a few of them. I am still enjoying the portability but something about knitting them just isn't as enjoyable for me as other items.

For the sake of charity, portability, practicality, and also my enjoyment, I have decided to contribute to Caps to the Capital. More info found HERE in PDF format. Knitting Sisters is collecting hats now through December 10 to send to Washington DC. Check out the cause and see other ways you can help in addtion to/instead of knitting/crocheting a cap.

I also forgot that I had volunteered to knit an item for a silent auction. Looks like I need to decide on a pattern and get started on that too. I'll be contacting the people in charge of the charity tomorrow for more details so that hopefully I can get a better idea of what they can use.

I hadn't planned to post pictures of the dischcloths but I've changed my mind. I should have pictures of dishcloths and caps up soon.

Our yard is still quite wet from Ernesto. Our electical power came back on Friday afternoon, our phones came back on Saturday, our cable came back on yesterday and our internet service came back this evening. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit with someone who did not lose any of their services over the course of the weekend which made things much easier. Although we had power on Friday night, the water was still too high.

Today, there are fewer and fewer signs that Ernesto was here. Hoping he's the last big storm of the season, considering meteorologists didn't really classify Ernesto as a really big storm.


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