Saturday, October 07, 2006

Don't Put Sugar on your Fries

KAL's, and a Few Photos

As mentioned in my prior post, I have joined the Fall Cable KAL and Socktoberfest. For Socktoberfest, I have chosen the Basic Ribbed Socks from Spun Magazine. For the Falle Cable KAL I have chosen to knit my husband a blanket. At first I was planning to modify an existing pattern but then decided to consult a stitching pattern book to make up blanket on my own. I have cast-on twice after reviewing swatches but am back to the drawing board until I can decide on a border. Borders don't always have the same impact on a swatch as they do on a larger piece.

There should be pictures of the start of the blanket after the digital camera is recharged.

As far as the dischloths go, I have two photos which were uploaded previously. The first is the basketweave and the second is the apple dischloth.

A couple of recent acquired items are my Knitting Sisters Bag and my yarn for my Flower Basket Shawl, which I will knit some day.

Hold the Ketchup

In case you're wondering about my title, I stopped by a fast food place yesterday to get a quick meal. The last time I stopped at this particular eatery, the fries, which are usually just about perfect tasted as if they were barely salted. As a precaution, I requested a packet of salt from the drive thru associate.

Once I arrived at my destination and began to eat, I discovered that, once again, the fries were quite bland. I reached into the bag and picke up a red and white packet and sprinkled a small portion onto my fries. Fortunately for me, I did not use very much.

I put a fry into my mouth and tasted something I never want to taste again. Since I had only used a very small portion of sugar, I was able to mask the sweet taste by adding a little salt to them.

Sometimes, wonderful flavors are discovered by mistake. This was not one of those cases.


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