Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'm not Functioning Properly

I keep starting things and not finishing them. It's as if I've lost my stamina, leaving a trail of unfinished projects (knitting and non-knitting) to tell the tale of dysfunction.

I have still not woven-in the seams from the tank top. I have no idea what the hold-up is. I want to do it. I sometimes carry the doggone thing around in the car with me, even taking it into the office sometimes. Yet, the ends just dangle.

I have not knit a stitch in quite some time. I've carried around the sock yarn and the needles but haven't cast-on. I really want to start but something just keeps holding me back.

I recently lost my job in a lay-off. The company hired me back part-time. They say they'd like to bring me back full-time but can't right now. Unfortunately it's timer to seriously start pounding the pavement and pushing the resumes.

Someone else dear to me has been diagnosed with cancer. The prognosis isn't good. They're trying a new treatment now.

I did manage to go to Knitting Sisters to spend my gift certificate from Christmas. Among other things, I picked up a set of the Denise needles because I've been really disappointed with the tips of all the other needles I've tried when starting lace.

I'm hoping for some good news for my next post. Maybe I'll have a tale of triumph, how I've found a new job or how I've followed-through on things I've started...



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