Monday, October 01, 2007


Socktoberfest 2007 officially begins today. This year, it's a little less structured with those wishing to participate posting their pictures in Flickr. My plans were to finish the Breeze footies and to knit the Eastern European Footlets. By my guesstimations (I know that's not a word)I'd be able to finish both projects before the month ended.

Things have changed.

First, I no longer love Panda Cotton. The honeymoon is over and I'm not sure if we'll be seeing one another again. The balls I have in my stash my have to find a new home.

Eager to be able to slip the soft sockettes/footies on to my feet, I merrily knit. The yarn would split. I'd retrieve the stray plies and reknit the stitches. It kept happening, sometimes causing me to rip out the progress I'd made to start over.

Today, with the heel turned and the gusset finished, although I was knitting carefully, I somehow dropped a few of the plies when knitting a stitch. I didn't panic considering the yarn plies had been retrieved countless times before. This time, unfortunately, as I tried to pick up the lost plies, I dropped the rest of them. Then the stitch ran. Then more stitches came off the needle and were dropped while I was trying to fish for the original lost stitch. It just kept getting worse from there.

Now, I'm feeling a little torn. I had come so far. I had even begun to knit a few rows of the lace pattern. I can't begin again. Not now. It's just happened too many times. If this yarn didn't feel so good I would probably hate it. I can't decide whether or not to try to rip back farther back to the beginning of the gusset to try again or if I just need to pick a new yarn for this project.

I'll post pictures of the fiasco laterr.

Until I decide, I think it's time to pick a new sock project. Since I don't have the proper yarn for the Easter European Footies I think I may try the Crooked Cable Socks by Sockbug, Feather and Fan Socks by Judith Sumner, or Dublin Baby Socks by Ryan Morrissey.


Blogger Maureen said...

Sorry to hear that you started to have trouble with the Panda. They were ooking really good from the last post too. BSJ came out really well. Someday I will try that one too.

October 5, 2007 at 4:14 PM  

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