Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Knitta-Palooza 2007, Entry 2

Brief Synopsis with Photos

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to arrive at the hotel in time for the Meet and Greet. I was a little disappointed but decided not to let it ruin my weekend.

After checking into the hotel, I spent the evening unpacking and organizing so that each day's class supplies would be ready to grab-and-go. I debated about walking around to see if I saw any other Knitta-Palooza attendees, especially since I was making a special effort to see Dawn, Barbara M from Knitters Review, and Linda before the weekend was over. I decided against going out since I had both over-packed and under-packed.** I needed instead to get a grip on what items I needed to acquire.

I was attending the weekend's event with a friend who was arriving on Friday but who had generously sent items for me to use in my classes, including some Koigu for my shawlette, by her son. I packaged up the items I had for my friend and sent them back to her through her son, who was quite gracious.

Then, after knitting a few rows, I went to bed, hoping I'd be able to get up in time for the beginning of the festivities since I felt grossly unprepared.

Friday, Partial Post:
I awoke suddenly, feeling quite tired. I made it to the Breakfast/Fashion Show in good time, even after stopping to pick up my name tag. Waiting for the attendees when you picked up your name tag, like the previous year I attended, were Knitta-Palooza tote bags. Inside the bag was a tape measure, information about the weekend's events, and a little information about a few items in the Va Beach area. I put all paperwork in my Knitta-Palooza 2007 Binder for easy access.

Bobbie greeted us, gave us information about class locations, information about Knitta-Palooza 2008, and then the Fashion Show began. A few highlights are below.

Since this post has laden with pictures and the computer needs a little break, I'll continue with more pictures and information later tonight and tomorrow.

***Over-packed and under-packed - I had too much stuff but not necessarily the stuff I needed.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Knitta-Palooza 2007, Entry 1

I promised a Knitta-Palooza entry, so I thought I'd better hop onto the ailing computer to post a little something. I'm still working on getting the photos uploaded. Believe it or not, I think over 100 pictures were taken over the weekend! I'm still weeding-out the pictures that aren't worthy of printing OR posting.

So that I don't leave you without just a little taste of the weekend, I'm posting a few photos from the event. Some day I'll be able to add captions to my pictures again.

The first picture is of Bobbie, owner of Ewe Knit Kits. She's pretty much the hostess abd mastermind of Knitta-Palooza. The second and third pictures are of Judy Pascale and Sally Melville, respectively.

More pictures and information to be posted this evening. I'm still struggling here.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Back on the Block

I'm back from Knitta-Palooza and it was incredible.

Details and pictures to come very soon...

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy People

I'm counting down. For Knitta-Palooza, there are only a few more hours to go before I'll be knitting my cares into oblivion with people who enjoy knitting just as much as I do.

I'm trying to gather up all my supplies tonight.

Looks like my next project will in fact be a shawl.

If I'm able, I'll try to post infomation from the venture.

Have a Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's March

It's March and that means that daffodils and jonquils should be popping up soon. Each year I consider attending the Daffodil Festival and each year I find myself doing something else. Will this year be different? I'm not sure. I just know I'll be so happy to see those beautiful flowers in bloom.

I've still been torn about what to knit next. I've been really wanting to knit my socks but my heart just won't let me. I feel like I need to do some comfort-knitting.

I thought I might try the Adamas shawl, the Peace Shawl, or the Seaescape Shawl. So far, I haven't started any of them. I just look at the patterns and the yarn, and then go work on stuff for my family reunion instead.

I have managed to finish two squares for the Blanket of Hope that Rebekah is assembling at Knit-Knack for a friend of hers named Kevin. I'm planning to knit one more. If you can help, It would be great.

In life news, I lost my job, again, and was re-hired, again, but part-time. The job hunt has officially begun. So much for a shopping spree during Knitta-Palooza!