Sunday, January 21, 2007

Some Good News about Brian

I received an e-mail from Brian's brother on Wednesday, the 17th. To paraphrase him, "Brian has showed considerable improvement over the last 3 days. The doctors have cut back on a lot of the medicine. Yesterday they removed him from the ventilator for 2 hours to allow his lungs to breathe on their own. Also he is no longer heavily sedated. Since he is no longer on sedatives, the breathing tube is starting to irritate him. Please continue to pray that the ventilator can be removed from him permanently. Thanks again for your prayers and support!"

I'm hoping for another update soon. Depending upon how the day goes, I may try to get back to the hospital today.

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I've begun to knit again on my husband's blanket. I'll try to measure it later to post dimensions. If the pain in my hands subsides, I may actually finish this thing before St. Patrick's Day. I haven't given up all hope for Valentine's Day but statistically speaking, I'm more likely to be finished in March.

The computer issues are still present but I'm hoping for pictures this week.

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Progress on this project (Honey of a Hurricane) is stalled. I'm currently not able to focus enough right now to work on more than one project at a time.

Thanks for all the continued wishes and prayers for Brian!


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