Monday, May 07, 2007

Where's the Comfort Food?

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I have once again commenced knitting the hurricane socks. I decided to have a little fun by attempting the Magic Cast-on another time. Having stopped knitting for a while, it felt good to knit, even if the item wasn't turning out properly. As you can see from the photos, holes abound!

I haven't decided yet if once I rip if I will attempt the Magic Cast-on or if I will try the Figure-Eight. Chances are, I'll try the Magic Cast-on again, three or more ADDITIONAL times if that's what it takes. After that, if it doesn't work out, I'll try the Figure-Eight.

I'm incredibly indecisive. Because of this, I have not cast-on a project yet to try my Denise Needles. I'm debating about starting the shawl that I speak of incessantly, another tank, or Cheesylove. A decision will be made very soon.

Speaking of tanks, I do need to post a photo of the finished Cascade Tank, except I haven't finished it. I still haven't done anything to the bind-off stitches because I change my mind over and over about keeping them or reknitting them. Give me a few days to clear my thoughts and I should have the stitches from the bind-off completely bound and woven.

Since making a concentrated effort to be positive, so much crap has been thrown my way. Why does this happen? So far, I'm maintaining a pretty positive outlook but I kind of lost it a few days ago when this happened:

Suffice it to say, someone backed into me, in a parking lot, on a rainy evening, while I was waiting to get into another space.

I can't say much more about it than that without getting upset but I've just got to tell you.

I was sitting in the car waiting for another car to back out of a space, with other cars behind me, when this car started backing towards me, on the driver's side. Because of other cars, I couldn't go backward or forward. I had nowhere to go. I blew the horn several times but the car kept backing up. I was yelling "NO!" and blowing the horn as the other car smashed into me. I thought it was going to come through the door. I was fastened into my seat belt so I couldn't move even to another seat if I wanted to do that. I had nowhere to go.

Still, the accident didn't kill me. I'll go on.

I just need someone to pass the chocolate pie.


Blogger Maureen said...

Oh... if I had any chocolate in the house I would pass it to you! (I packed for my husband on his travels over the next day or so)... Sorry to hear and see your car. That's too bad! Congrats on starting toe-up socks though! I didn't like my forst pair either. I made them with baby yarn and just use them around the house since they don't fit quite right. I have made others and they do get easier, but I am proud of you for casting on!

May 7, 2007 at 8:13 PM  

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