Friday, September 07, 2007

Tomorrow, I think there will be pictures

I finished knitting the BSJ. Now I have to seam, weave-in ends and decide if I want to add buttons now or later.

I'm planning to post pictures either today or tomorrow, as soon as I find that doggone USB chord to upload the pictures. I could probably take out the memory stick to upload the pictures but I don't like doing that. I'm always to concerened about accidentally damaging it, inserting it incorrectly into the camera or the computer causing a jam, or mispacing it.

It's important now that I decide what to start next.

I went to Knitting Sisters to pick up some Panda Cotton to start Breeze socks but they had sold out of all of it and had not reordered any. I do have some in my stash but I had ear-marked it for a different project. I have some Jaggerspun in several shades to use for a shawl and the yarn for Cheesylove is just waiting...

Speaking of Knitting Sisters, they are celebrating their 4th Anniversary. I went Thursday specifically for the Annniversary Celebration and to look for Evelyn Clark's book and the Panda Cotton yarn.

Hopefully, I'll get the BSJ seamed today or tomorrow and will finally make the decision on the next project. I have no idea why making this decision is so tough for me right now!


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