Saturday, May 22, 2004

Progress is a wonderful thing

I am ready for colourwork or at least the sweater is ready. I've been too chicken to read the full instructions to start the colourwork. I'm going to read the full pattern again today. Depending upon whether or not I can figure out how to do it properly, I'll start today. If I'm unable or if I'm just too nervous, I'll put it off until my next class.

I knit a few rows of the blanket last night. I'm knitting it on US 8 needles. After working with US 3 and US 4 for so long, it feels like knitting with planks. The Bernat Denimstyle is a lot tougher to knit than the Mandarin Petite. I don't know if it's because of the thickness of the yarn or just the fiber content.

I'll be tackling a few more rows of the blanket today in addition to being hopeful of continuing with the sweater.


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