Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Summer Knitting, Summer Tweed

Since I have yet to acquire yarn for a shawl, and since I really want to make something for me, I'm contemplating making a shell/tank/sleeveless top.

I've have Summer Tweed in these two colors.

The bottom yarn is not quite as orange as it appears. It's more red. I believe the color is called Summer Berry.

I'm considering making Elderflower, Amber, (picture if Amber is underneath the picture of Basil,) and Ginger.

Amber is a little low-cut in the front and Ginger is a little low-cut in the back so Elderflower is appealing to me more and more, with Ginger as a close second. Anna, at Anna Knits has made Ginger in purple. I found this out while surfing the Knitting Blogs webring. She's the blog right after me, which is kind of cool.

The blog after me in the Fiber Arts Bloggers ring is Cyn. Crazy thing is I'm making a Peer Gynt sweater and so is she.

While this may not mean a lot to you, I found it a bit intriguing. Nothing like a little coincidence to make life interesting for me.

Yarn snobs, skip this paragraph.
I'm still wanting to make socks. I pulled out some Wool-Ease to try the Magic Loop. I figure if the Wool-Ease pills and gets ratty as much as others say it does, it will be socks which will be mostly hidden by my pants. If it does not get ratty, I can always use it for other things without taking a serious chunk out of my budget. The yarn and the 40" circulars are safely tucked into my knitting bag along with the sweater for my son. It's just a matter of getting to it.

I'm going to also restart the hat I was making with the Mission Falls Cotton. I'm thinking of using the All Seasons Cotton but part of me wants to give the Mission Falls a try again. I only hesitate to use the MF until I actually have metal needles in the right size as there is NO WAY I'm attempting to knit with MF Cotton using bamboo needles.

Other than a shawl, I think my next larger project will probably be crocheted. I've seen a couple of blankets I want to try for charity. I've also taken a lot of time dedicated to knitting and need to make sure I haven't forgotten how to crochet. After that I'm toying with the idea of Cheesylove, which is the first sweater I ever wanted to make.

As the days are getting more and more hectic and the pain in my back is getting worse, I'm not sure how much knitting I'll get done today. Hopefully, I can do at least one row on the sweater, start the hat OR start trying out the Magic Loop.


Blogger Kathi said...

you are doing great work over here, too. cables...fair isle? i would call that some pretty fancy knittin'! thanks for visiting my site...

June 22, 2004 at 1:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! I made cheesylove last year. It's a fun sweater to make. I had some trouble with sizing: sleeves too long, neck opening to big. But that was my carelessness not the pattern, which is excellent. I will post a photo when it comes out of storage. I think it was the first sweater I made for myself. When the weather is cool, I wear it every weekend.


June 24, 2004 at 7:12 PM  

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