Friday, July 30, 2004

Coordinating the WIM's with the WIP's and WIF's

I cast-on for the second square for Henry's blanket. My goal is to have this one done this weekend so that both squares can go out on Monday. My weekends are usually pretty hectic, so it may not go out until Tuesday but Tuesday is my absolute deadline.

So far, I'm in a rug knit-along. I've signed up for an Einstein Coat Knit-along and the Klaralund-Along. I'm considering a poncho-along but that just may be more knitting than I can really get done.

I really need to practice my seaming and I still have the strong desire to make a shawl, socks, hats, a shell (sleevless top) and baby items. Of course, my Fair Isle Sweater is still calling, actually crying now, for me to pay attention to it.

If you're in the mood for a little eye candy, here are some of the projects I'd like to make. Cheesylove, Audrey, Sitcom Chic, Cloud, Elderflower, Rapunzel, Trigger, Red Hot, Gothic Lace, and a beautiful crocheted top that Sara, a knitting/crocheting buddy, pointed out to me.

Some day, when I'm really brave, and have more patience, I'd like to make Shaded Diamonds. DB's Noro Entrelac Sweater and Fillie.

The list of shawls and socks is super long, so I dare not share even a partial list.

There are even more patterns in my magazines and pattern books that I'd like to make.

I never realized how much I would like to knit or how I would want to make so many different types of things.

I need to decide the order of importance, the portablility factors, the financial factors, and the pure "just want to knit it" factors of these projects. I also need to do this without making my hobby a source of stress.

My life is so filled with stress! Knitting is my outlet and I can not let it turn into another source of frustration.

Guess I'll just make myself a list and just do whatever project calls to me the loudest.

***Definition of acronyms in title
WIM = Works in mind
WIP = Work in Progress
WIF = Works in Future


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