Sunday, April 24, 2005

Finally, A Trip to the Yarn Store

I made it to my LYS. It was great.

The yarn for my shawl was waiting for me. If I didn't have my son with me, I would have probably returned home with more than I did. Instead, I went home with Zephyr in Ivory, stitch markers, a small skein of green yarn for my son, and a crochet hook.

I left the camera in the car and I'm too tired to go get it right now. Otherwise, I'd post a picture, of the aforementioned yarn.

I took the pattern, yarn, and notions to my mom's house today. She gave the seal of approval on the shawl, so I thought everything was going to run smoothly. Then, I read over the pattern, for the first time, and realized I did not remember how to to a provisional cast-on.


The shawl will begin tomorrow. This should give me sufficient time to make sure I can perform the cast-on properly. I'm comfortable with all the other stitches and abbreviations. The chart makes me slightly nervous but I have worked with charts before.

I'm very excited about this project.

Hopefully, things will go smoothly from now to the end...

One can hope.


Blogger Sara said...

Good luck with the shawl. I look forward to reading about the making of it!

April 25, 2005 at 7:54 AM  

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