Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Moving Forward

We had class again last night. I had made absolutely no stitches on the sweater since the last class. I'm honestly not even sure why.

I knit very slowly in class. I was having trouble with holding the two yarns at once for the colourwork. It was difficult to hold the two strands in one hand, but to only put on of them in the stitch. I can't knit in the English/American way, so putting one yarn in the other hand didn't work. Knitting was FREAKISHLY slow! I looked around the table for examples to follow but no one else was doing any colourwork! I was planning to ask about a better way to handle the two colors, but since I didn't get much response last week, I just decided to try to work it out on my own. Since I was feeling horrible anyway, I just wasn't up to much of anything.

My new knitting books came in. I am now the proud owner of Knitting Shawls and Scarves (Best of Knitters) and A Knitter's Dozen (a book of angels to knit.) I shared my books with the class, which I love to do. I think that's the part of class that I like, knitting and sharing.

When I got home, my son was asleep. This is a small miracle, as the child fights sleep like no one I've ever seen. He wasn't feeling well either, so he woke up quite a bit during the night. I watched him until he seemed settled. I sat beside him, knitting, working on the blanket for him, rather than the sweater. I thought knitting the sweater might be too frustrating, and I may disturb him.

My goal now is just to finish the blanket so I can move on to something else and to figure out a comfortable and efficient way to hold the two yarn colors so it doesn't take me FOREVER to knit a row.


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