Monday, January 30, 2006

Pink Eye, Strep, and a Fever

It has been a while since my last knitting post. My health has been declining so there's been little time to knit. Lately, I've been just trying to get restful sleep and to get a few household chores done.

I have pulled out my sock yarn and my needles over and over. Each time I do, I'm either too tired, in too much pain, or faced with an interruption.

The young lady at the restaurant where I had been regularly eating lunch has asked me to bring in the basket-weave blanket. Trouble is, I can't remember where I put it! Once I remember the whereabouts, I will post the finished picture here and take it to the restaurant as promised.

My interest in knitting and crochething has not wavered. I've brushed up on knitting with two circulars and refreshed my knowledge of a few cast-ons, and the magic loop method. I'm planning on playing with a little Fair Isle, intarsia, and with a few increases and decreases to see if I have a preference for their appearances.

Meanwhile, the socks are still calling me. I left my knitting bag in the car. I'm too tired to even go it out of the car.

In less than great news, my son has pink eye, strep, and a fever. This has left both of us a little tired and grumpy.

I'll be home helping my little man get better tomorrow, so while he naps, if he naps, I'm really hoping to get started on my sock.


Anonymous karon said...

i can relate to the lack of knitting; picking up the yarn/needles and being too tired; too sick; etc. to do anything else. i'm not sick though -- just pregnant. thanks for your well wishes on my blog. i appreciate your consideration. i too am having one at an older age -- 41 to be exact -- and both my husband and i are looking forward to it. take care of yourself and thanks again.

March 2, 2006 at 11:27 AM  

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