Thursday, October 28, 2004


I really should be asleep.

I've had the maximum amount of pain reliever I'm allowed but I'm still in pain.

There is an overzealous owl outside of my house. If not, something that sounds like an owl is mocking the "Hooo" sound with great skill.

If I weren't so tired and irritable, I'd probably go outside to find out where the owl is. With safety as a consideration, considering my less than pleasant frame of mind, and since it's late in the evening, I'm staying inside. Maybe he/she will quiet down soon.

Hopefully, whatever it is, it's keeping the ducks away.

No, I don't hate ducks. I just don't want them on my property. They leave waste products almost like horses. Nuff said?

Anyway, I got a little knitting done at lunch today. I didn't take any pictures as I'm not sure how excited anyone really is to see my sleeve. Of course, I'm getting excited to see it grow. I'm also excited to see all the little color transformations. If only the Silk Garden didn't have my fingers itching.

In any event, I'm going to try to make a few hats instead of the blanket. I read the e-mail I sent in response to the request for items and I stated I would either make a blanket and a hat or I'd make at least two hats if I could not do a blanket in time.

Did I jinx myself? Did my stating that I "may not be able to make a blanket in time" help to create the situation? Is it my attitude? Nah!

I'm still going to make a blanket. I'm just not going to try to put myself on a November deadline for one. I'll brush up on the pattern reading and choose a simpler blanket. I really want to get my crocheting up-to-par, so just knitting a blanket won't help me. Besides, I know the Special Needs babies can use the hats. I see more requests for those than for blankets.

I'll crochet a blanket as I get better and then donate it when I finish. I'm sure there will still be a need.

***Warning--Non-Crafty posting ahead, possibly depressing...

Speaking of need, I was downtown in the city today. I was surprised by the number of people begging. It's awfully chilly here at night and it's only October. I guess I need to check to see what kind of programs we have here to help our homeless. I know there are con artists and people who just want money for drugs but I also know that some people don't have a lot of family or friends to assist them if they hit hard times.

I saw a man walking with a little girl that I assume was his daughter. They looked unhappy. They were dressed in what appeared to be "older" attire. They weren't begging or even loitering. I wondered if they were homeless too.

I can't save the world. I can't house all the homeless but surely there is something available.

People lost their homes last year in with the tropical storms. There have been all kinds of lay-offs.

We keep feeding and protecting people all over the world when there is so much despair here.

What are we giving our people? Am I just feeling guilty because I want to do more than I can?

Maybe the pain is just overwhelming me.

I'm taking my melancholy self to bed. I shall wake up tomorrow with a better attitude, a quest for information, and determination to try to do what I can and be realistic with my expectations.


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