Saturday, November 06, 2004

Started First Hat

I started the first hat for the charity donation today. I wanted to start last night but I had accidently left the necessary needles in the car and was not willing to go back out to get them. Funny what pain and fatigue will keep you from doing.

I started the first on in pink. The second one will be in blue. If there is enough time, there will be a white one which may or may not have a little stripe or pattern with the leftover pink or blue.

So far it looks sweet, but big. If the first one is too big, I'll probably just give it to someone who can use it. I'm not frogging it. For some reason, I feel a little sentimental about knitting it. Maybe baby hats will be my thing.

I started to crochet the hat but my head has been hurting so badly that I figured I'd better stick with knitting a little longer. I do have my crocheted hat patterns ready and waiting, though.

I'd post a picture of my WIP but the batteries in the digital camera are dead. I thought I still had more batteries but they seem to have run-off with red and white tape measure. I'll replace the batteries tomorrow. Fortunately, I have more than one tape measure.

I began the hat at a family gathering. I was intrigued by the conversations going on around me where people were discussing knitting and crocheting. A few thought that I was crocheting. A few even said they may start their crocheting again.

Another said she had learned to knit when she was a little girl but did not have time for it now. I assured her that she did. I told her that if she WANTED to knit, she'd find time for it. She just doesn't want to knit, or crochet, and that's fine. I don't want to weave baskets. It's all about what each individual enjoys. I think some of them just enjoy talking.

I picked up the UFO, also known as "the tie." I can't remember which row I'm on. I've spotted an error. To the frog pond it shall go. I'll start it again later this month.

I also managed to pick up the new VK. It had some pretty items in it. It's not my favorite issue, but like most knitting purchases I make, I'm not disappointed.

Lately, I'm dreaming of knitting the Faroese Flower Shawl...What a dream!

Someday the dream will become the reality and I'm excited to know that day is coming. I don't own the yarn for it but I know that eventually, I will. I do have the pattern. Looking at it for a moment helped to take my mind off of the pain in my head, neck, shoulders, and back.

If only knitting could take ALL the pain away.


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