Sunday, November 21, 2004

Three Hats Finished

I finished three hats to send. Each one is different and done pretty much with me making it up as I go. Actually, the first one started out being from a pattern but I improvised.

My son put one of the hats on top of his head. I think he just likes anything I knit. I told him I would be making him a hat next.

Hubby has the digital camera with him so I can't post pictures of the finished hats until tomorrow. Hopefully I'll remember to get the camera and to load the pictures.

I'm exhausted, still, and in pain, still. I'm doing lots of research and trying to help myself feel better.

I'm not looking forward to Thanksgiving. Usually it's so hectic and that is so draining. I'm hoping for a quiet day. With a little luck, I'll get to bake something, and to enjoy a peaceful day.

Of course, I expect to knit something too.


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